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The Gyroscopic

The Gyroscopic

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Introducing the Gyroscopic Watch Winder - a sleek and modern solution for keeping your automatic watch running smoothly and accurately. Its unique design showcases your watch collection in a stunning way, while the gyroscopic rotation ensures your timepieces are always powered and ready to wear. With whisper-quiet operation and three different rotation settings to choose from, this watch winder is the perfect addition to any watch enthusiast's collection. Plus, its prevention technology protects against magnetization, ensuring your watch stays in pristine condition. 



Weight: 1500g

Dimensions: 180mm height /120mm diameter

Material: Aluminium Alloy base, Stainless Steel rack, Glass dome.

Noise level: 10db

Connectivity: 1 USB Cable - The winder can be powered from an energy bank, or from a wall outlet with any USB power adapter.

To operate the Gyroscopic Watch Winder, follow these instructions:

  1. Power off by selecting Mode 1.
  2. To turn clockwise, select Mode 2. The winder will rotate for 2 minutes, then rest for 8 minutes before repeating.
  3. To turn counterclockwise, select Mode 3. The winder will rotate in the opposite direction for 2 minutes, then rest for 8 minutes before repeating.
  4. For bi-directional rotation, select Mode 4. The winder will rotate clockwise for 1 minute, then counterclockwise for 1 minute, then rest for 8 minutes before repeating.

To attach your watch, simply remove the watch holder from the metal frame, securely attach your watch around it, and then clip the holder back onto the frame. This ensures your watch stays securely in place during the winding process. 

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